RMR’s New Website

Exciting changes for RMR’s website are in the works!  Jake the Snake and Fire Opal attended a WordPress workshop in Thompson Falls and are now in the process of creating a new website for RMR.  The previous website originally created by one of our founding members, Lobo Joe, served our club well for many years, however technology moves forward at a breakneck pace, and we too must move forward.

Our new WordPress website allows our club a greater ability to update and add to the information that is displayed for our members and friends.  We are excited to have the opportunity to BLOG and give our readers another format for up-to-date and interesting information related to Cowboy Action Shooting.

4 thoughts on “RMR’s New Website”

  1. Hey Rangers,,,,,like to hear your thoughts on our new site, this is the place to let us all know. Fire has really done a job, so lets start blog-in.

    Also, Doc C and Buckskin made some really great shotgun targets, you’ll be seeing them at our shoot the 29th.

    See ya then.


  2. Looking forward to shooting on April 29th. Since this is not our regularly scheduled shoot, we are hoping to “Knock Off the Rust” on the last Saturday of the month.

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