2018 MT State Shoot

Hey folks!  It's that time of year again!  This coming weekend, July 13 -15, is the 2018 Montana State Shoot in Great Falls.  Many of our club members and friends will be attending the annual event hoping to bring home hardware (trophies) or software (certificates).  Of course, no one will bring home a Cadillac, but we can live with that! Best wishes and good luck to our traveling shooters!  With any luck (and skill), maybe RMR can bring home the club team trophy for 2018.  For more information about the shoot, check out the Black Horse Shootists' website.  http://blackhorseshootists.com

We want to thank the Black Horse Shootists for hosting our state shoot again.  It is a tremendous amount of work to put on this event, and we appreciate their dedication to Cowboy Action Shooting.

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RMR Mentors 4-H Shooters

“They had a blast!”  Sander’s County 4-H Western Heritage Project leader, Juli Thurston, reported after a mentoring session with six Rocky Mountain Ranger members.   Eight 4-H kids aged 10 -15 signed up for the Sanders County inaugural year with the Western Heritage Project.  Six were able to come to RMR’s range in late June to work with seasoned Cowboy Action Shooters to learn about guns, costuming, leather, and shooting.

The Western Heritage Project is a division of 4-H shooting sports in which the kids learn about the Old West, choose an alias, develop a character, dress in authentic costumes, and shoot.  Sound familiar?  Yes, much of the Western Heritage Project resembles Cowboy Action Shooting, however the program incorporates some different rules depending on the age group. For instance, shooters aged 9-11 in the Junior division are only allowed to shoot two .22 Rimfire Rifles.  Intermediate shooters (aged 11-13) may shoot .22 Rimfire pistols, a .22 Rimfire rifle, and a shotgun (.410 bore recommended).  Senior shooters (14-19 years) may shoot in either a Rimfire or Center Fire division.  No shooters are allowed to use gun leather; all guns are staged safely on tables.  All pistol shooters must use two hands.

4-H leaders who have attended special training workshops are encouraged to partner with a local Cowboy Action Shooting Club.  When Sanders County Extension Agent, Juli Thurston, contacted RMR, the club was happy and excited to help mentor a new generation of shooters.

The Western Heritage project was developed in Bozeman, MT, in 2008, by Todd Kesner, Director of the Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development.  The program is now used in several states.  4-H Shooters hold their 2018 State/National competition in Deer Lodge, MT this year from July 31-August 2.





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New Face on the Board, New TG

At the January 2018 board meeting, two shooters were approved for important positions.  Buckskin Dave, our Troy, MT cowboy, started CAS shooting a few years ago, and is interested in helping to guide our club as a board member.  J.E.B. Stuart, president and Territorial Governor of the Black Horse Shootists from Great Falls, has also agreed to represent RMR as our Territorial Governor as well.  Thank you, Buckskin and J.E.B. for taking on new roles.

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RMR Hosts Warm-Up to 2018 State Shoot

RMR's 2017 Warm-Up to State shoot was such a resounding success, we have decided to hold a similar shoot for 2018.  Due to the calendar, our normally scheduled shoot fell on the same weekend as the state shoot.  Therefore, after negotiations with the Bitterroot Buckaroos (thanks folks), we will be holding our Warm-Up to State on July 7th and 8th.  As with any of our Warm-Up to State Shoots, we will feature distances, targets, and types of stages typical of the Montana State Shoot.

Warm-Up shoots at RMR actually date back many years.  The first Warm-Up's were held when our range was located at the Taylor Ranch.  Some of our members would gather the weekend before the MT State shoot to practice skills typical of the state shoots at that time including shooting at clay pigeons.  These informal gatherings have now evolved into a shoot that attracts shooters from the west who are traveling to Great Falls for the MT State Shoot.

We hope to see you at our Warm-Up as well as State!  Stay tuned for further details.

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Scoring Program

Yippee!  Our scores from the second half of the year are now posted in PDF format.  Instead of being able to link directly to the ACES website, I (Fire Opal) was able to use our ACES information and create a PDF file.  Whew!  It was a learning curve for me, but thanks to the SASS Wire, a response by Abilene Slim  from the Powder Creek Cowboys of Lenexa, Kansas, an email from K.C. Ranger, and a final email from Deadwood Slim, I was able to get-er-done!  I think we will continue to be able to use ACES for our scorekeeping at least for the time being.  Check out those scores if you want to strategize for next year!

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Blast From the Past

When creating this new website, we found several older pictures that we did not want to loose.  This "Blast from the Past" photo features an early RMR member, Miss Hattie Wild, as she is reaching for her shotgun loads at the original Big Whiskey.  The jail bars on the windows as well as the steel bar door made for authentic shooting.

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Do you enjoy the history of the Old West?  Do you like shooting?  Cowboy Action Shooting might be for you.  Explore our website for information about this exciting shooting sport.