MT State Shoot

RMR members once again had a good showing at the MT State Cowboy Action Shoot.  Four Bucks came in third overall as well as taking first in the Gunfighter category.  Doc Tombstone maintains his reign for the fifth year as the MT State Men's Champion.  Other members also placed well in their individual categories.  Graydog was the first place Elder Statesman followed by Jake the Snake who placed third. Chiparoo came in first as a Cattle Baron with Idaho Muleskinner coming in second in the same category.  Poco Culebra took the Young Gun Category, and Fire Opal did the same as a Lady 49er. Jocko had a fifth place finish as a Senior, a very competitive category.  Kootenay Kid was second in the Senior Gunfighter category, and Madam Dragonfly scored the same as a Grand Dame.  Charlie Whiskers came in second in the Senior Duelist category.

Overall RMR members can hold their heads high.  Click on the Gallery tab to see more pictures from the 2017 MT State Shoot.

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About seven years ago Jake the Snake brought his eight-year-old grandson to the range and announced that he had been "working" with him.  Jake the Snake, SASS #44, intended to teach this youngster the cowboy way.  The next time they showed up a name had been chosen, and soon it was tooled into a leather gun belt.  Poco Culebra, Little Snake, was his grandfather's sidekick as well as his project.  The whole RMR membership adopted Poco as a little buddy.  Jake was his primary guide into the CAS world, but all the members took their turns teasing and coaching Poco.

Over the years, we watched Poco grown and progress as a shooter.  In the last few years Poco became more focused, and his times and accuracy improved immensely.  Slowly, he started to inch his way closer to the top of the leader board.  Now "little" Poco grew taller and started to inch up over his elders in height as well.

Now, at the 2017 State Shoot, Poco proved his mettle by taking home the highly coveted Schuetzen Plaque.  Using a pistol caliber round in his main match rifle, Poco shot the closest to SASS Cowboy Star.  In fact, according to Jeb Stuart, Match Directer, Poco's single shot was the closest to the star - Ever!  Congratulations, Poco!  And congratulations Jake the Snake!




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Mix House Up

Five RMR members recently grabbed hammers, screwdrivers, and spud bars to re-construct the Mix House front.  Jake the Snake, Doctor C, Buckskin, Jocko, and Fire Opal put in several hours at the range on Thursday, August 24th.

The Mix House was a donated front that had been positioned on the northeast end of the range.  High winds knocked down all but one section of the front.  RMR members planned for sometime to put the panels back up, but knew it was going to take additional reinforcement.

The week before this work party, Jake the Snake brought a friend with a tractor and post hole digger to the range where they met up with Jocko.  The three men dug numerous holes for the project.  They also constructed a couple sections of fence behind the registration area.

Pictured above is the re-constructed Mix House.

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RMR Hosts Warm-Up to State Shoot

     Success!  RMR hosted our Warm-Up Shoot for the Montana State Shoot July 8th and 9th.  Twenty-two shooters participated on Saturday, and twenty shot on Sunday.  Despite the heat,  (yes, it was a true "warm-up"), all the shooters were able to finish respectably.  Graydog wrote the stages for this shoot, and after consulting with the powers that be with the Black Horse Shootist Club,  he was able to somewhat replicate target size and distances that shooters will be seeing in Great Falls.  The Montana's State Cowboy Action Shoot is taking place July 14-16 at the Black Horse Shootist Range just north of Great Falls, MT.  Many of our club members will be traveling east for this shoot which is growing each year.

      In fact, RMR members who are attending the State Shoot will be running the 3-stage Warm-Up Match for the third year.

      Best of luck to all those who will be attending!

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Scoring Program

RMR is happy to announce that we have now successfully used the ACES, Automatic Cowboy Easy Scoring, program.  We have been using a very labor intensive method of posting scores on our new website this year as Sage Creek Gus's program was no longer available.  However, now shooters are able to click on the link to RMR Shoot data and explore the data through overall summaries to individual stage and shooter summaries.  Check our our new program with July's data.

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Blast From the Past

When creating this new website, we found several older pictures that we did not want to loose.  This "Blast from the Past" photo features RMR club members in the early days.  RMR members marched in the Trout Creek's Huckleberry Festival parade as a walking float.  Some of these original members have passed on, others have moved, and some of us are still shooting every month.  Good times!

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Do you enjoy the history of the Old West?  Do you like shooting?  Cowboy Action Shooting might be for you.  Explore our website for information about this exciting shooting sport.