2018 MT State Shoot

RMR members had a good showing at the Montana State Championship Shoot held in Great Falls July 13-15.  Fourteen Rocky Mountain Rangers attended the state event.  Notably, RMR walked away with the traveling trophy for the  2018 Top Montana CAS Club for the first time.

Several of our shooters placed first in their categories including Graydog (Cattle Baron), Jake the Snake (Elder Statesman Duelist), Madam Dragonfly (Grand Dame), Poco Culebra (Young Guns Boy), and Fire Opal (Lady 49er).  Many others placed in their categories in second or third place.

Doc Tombstone accurately shot the Schuetzen Plaque and brought it home for the second time.  He also placed first in the Cowboy Clays, 22 Rimfire, and Speed Shotgun side matches.  Fire Opal brought home the first place award for Ladies Long Range pistol.  Poco Culebra was awarded the first for Men's Derringer.  These shooters and others also brought home second and third place certificates in various side matches as well.

As usual, it was a fantastic weekend in Great Falls with good shooting and great friends.


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RMR Mentors 4-H Shooters

“They had a blast!”  Sander’s County 4-H Western Heritage Project leader, Juli Thurston, reported after a mentoring session with six Rocky Mountain Ranger members.   Eight 4-H kids aged 10 -15 signed up for the Sanders County inaugural year with the Western Heritage Project.  Six were able to come to RMR’s range in late June to work with seasoned Cowboy Action Shooters to learn about guns, costuming, leather, and shooting.

The Western Heritage Project is a division of 4-H shooting sports in which the kids learn about the Old West, choose an alias, develop a character, dress in authentic costumes, and shoot.  Sound familiar?  Yes, much of the Western Heritage Project resembles Cowboy Action Shooting, however the program incorporates some different rules depending on the age group. For instance, shooters aged 9-11 in the Junior division are only allowed to shoot two .22 Rimfire Rifles.  Intermediate shooters (aged 11-13) may shoot .22 Rimfire pistols, a .22 Rimfire rifle, and a shotgun (.410 bore recommended).  Senior shooters (14-19 years) may shoot in either a Rimfire or Center Fire division.  No shooters are allowed to use gun leather; all guns are staged safely on tables.  All pistol shooters must use two hands.

4-H leaders who have attended special training workshops are encouraged to partner with a local Cowboy Action Shooting Club.  When Sanders County Extension Agent, Juli Thurston, contacted RMR, the club was happy and excited to help mentor a new generation of shooters.

The Western Heritage project was developed in Bozeman, MT, in 2008, by Todd Kesner, Director of the Montana 4-H Center for Youth Development.  The program is now used in several states.  4-H Shooters hold their 2018 State/National competition in Deer Lodge, MT this year from July 31-August 2.





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2018 All Wrapped Up

October's match certainly didn't disappoint the fifteen shooters who turned out for RMR's last shoot of 2018.  Besides the crisp mornings, the days turned out to be beautiful.  The stages were enjoyable and challenging, the shooters were blazing, and the tales told were tall.

Saturday stages showcased scenarios previously shot at large annuals, state, and regional shoots in the west.  Sunday's stages featured challenging scenarios crafted by Graydog and Doc Tombstone including the infamous Super Stage.  These two cowboys promised us lots of shotgun shooting and delivered on their promise.  One stage was designed to be shot as a Nevada Sweep with only one target.  It took ten shotgun shots and three shooter positions to shoot the stage.  Can you say, "How fast can you reload your shotgun?"

The Super Stage promised adventure as the cowboys and cowgirls shot a 1911, a derringer, two 32 caliber pistols, an AR 15, and all four of the shooter's main match guns.  You can read all about how everyone stacked up on the Scores page of this website.  However, our Silver Senior guest from Great Falls, Mt Jughead, blazed his way to victory taking first place.  Following him was our Young Gun, Poco Calebra, and taking home third was Ranger Six.

It is with a bit of sadness this writer reports about our terrific weekend for it will be six months before RMR will be blasting the targets again.  However, we look forward to reloading season, and we will anticipate seeing all of our shootin' buds in the spring.  Winter well!


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Upcoming Shoots in the Area

Cowboy Action Shooting is a diverse sport, and as such there are many choices for those who join the ranks of CAS Shooters.  An obvious choice is choosing a category.  I don't know if I could begin to list all the categories that are SASS sanctioned.  Another choice concerns the guns and caliber a shooter prefers.  Clothing is another whole dimension.  But one big choice shooters make is whether to enjoy their CAS at one home club or whether they want to expand their horizons and shoot at other venues.

Many shooters start off perfecting their skills at a home club.  Here they establish a routine, and enjoy the local monthly shoots.  Other shooters use the local shoots as a training ground and launching pad for other area shoots and even bigger regional and national shoots.  It is all a matter of choice and preference.

For those who are thinking of traveling to another shoot in our region, there are a number of options available.  The Northwest Regional Shoot is being held in Jerome, Idaho the third weekend in August.  Several of our club members will be trying their luck at what is said to be a premier shooting range.  Labor Day weekend has a number of shoots including the annual put on by the Windy Plains Drifters located at Medical Lake, WA (just west of Spokane), and an annual put on by Missoula's Hellgate Vigilantes at the Deep Creek Range.  The third weekend in September will feature the Bitterroot Buckaroo's annual which is held outside of Hamilton, MT.

If you haven't had the opportunity to travel and shoot at another club, consider doing so.  It is a great way to meet new people and gain  fresh perspectives about shooting.  You can always check the SASS Website for upcoming shoots. The link to the website is on our Links Tab.

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Scoring Program

Yippee!  Our scores from the second half of the year are now posted in PDF format.  Instead of being able to link directly to the ACES website, I (Fire Opal) was able to use our ACES information and create a PDF file.  Whew!  It was a learning curve for me, but thanks to the SASS Wire, a response by Abilene Slim  from the Powder Creek Cowboys of Lenexa, Kansas, an email from K.C. Ranger, and a final email from Deadwood Slim, I was able to get-er-done!  I think we will continue to be able to use ACES for our scorekeeping at least for the time being.  Check out those scores if you want to strategize for next year!

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Blast From the Past

When creating this new website, we found several older pictures that we did not want to loose.  This "Blast from the Past" photo features a photo of Birta Rose and Cactus Ron.  This photo was taken at the 2008 Great Northern Regional.  Cactus Ron served as the RMR president for many years.  For several years, Birta and Cactus let club members shoot on their ranch as a temporary range.  Besides allowing us to shoot, they opened their ranch to campers, and Birta always made a tasty dessert which she served to shooters on their porch.  Good times!

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Do you enjoy the history of the Old West?  Do you like shooting?  Cowboy Action Shooting might be for you.  Explore our website for information about this exciting shooting sport.